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Farahnaz Zahidi, Pakistan – A trailblazer for the voiceless

Nomination – N-Peace Awards 2014:
Category – Breaking stereotypes: Women in Media
Farahnaz Zahidi is an academic, travel writer and photo journalist. Her work examines the field of human rights, peace and gender from an Islamic perspective.
FNZ pakistanFarahnaz writes on topics few dare to write about. She undertakes journeys into Pakistan’s far flung areas, at times risking her security, to bring forth true stories, particularly untold and unheard stories of women. Her trailblazing work includes highlighting the issue of female genital mutilation and providing insight into reproductive health issues of women in conflict zones. Her stories on the role of mothers in de-radicalizing youth have received great respect and acclaim. Farahnaz writes extensively about the rights of minorities and has had considerable influence and impact. Farahnaz’s feature story about the gang-rape of a poor Hindu woman in the underprivileged district of Tharparkar caused the Chief Justice to take suo moto notice. Consequently, a precedent for justice was set with the sentencing and imprisonment of the culprits.Farhnaz also works as a teacher of Islamic studies. Her classes concentrate on teaching ethics, tolerance, moderation and peacebuilding. Currently Farahnaz is working as the head of the Features Desk at The Express Tribune. Her dream is to earn a post-graduate degree in peace, gender and Islam. “The voice of peace-loving emancipated Muslim women needs to be part of the collective narrative. It’s about time,” she claims.

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