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Why is SINDHRI the sweetest mango in the world – The magical secret

They are a generous size….and sweet but not sickeningly, so you can have more than one, unlike any of it’s more sugary counterparts….other mangoes may be more sugary but none is sweeter than the Sindhri to me. Or may it is just the Sindh running through my veins that gives me biased taste buds. It doesn’t have irritating fibres that get stuck between the teeth….it allows itself to be eaten in so many forms…You can slice it, cube it, blend it. It is such a cooperative variety.

But then, can we really blame it for being so amiable?

It is from the land we call Mehran…..and so the Sindhri is a reflection of the people that sow it and care for it and pluck it off trees and keep it wrapped in hay shreds till the green becomes a vibrant yellow, bit by bit.


Sure, it has it’s shortcomings like it’s people, and it’s not perfect. Too fattening, too addictive, a bit overly sensitive.

But seriously very pluralistic, congenial and adjustable.

I have been taught to eat the Sindhri in every way possible by my parents….at breakfast with paratha, at lunch with boiled rice, at dinner chilled with cream….or just as is. And it adjusts! That’s what’s beautiful about it….maintaining it’s own but mingling and letting itself be moulded.

But the real secret of the Sindhri is, and it is no surprise there, that it bears so much heat.

“The hotter the summer, the sweeter the Sindhri,” my father used to say, every time he returned home from orchards he caringly looked after. Standing for hours at stretch in the sizzling 45 degrees plus heat of interior Sindh in summers had him many shades darker every time. “You’ll get sick, abba. They can do it! Why must you stand in that heat?” we’d say to him. “Sons of the soil don’t fear the heat. It makes the mangoes only sweeter,” he’d say with a smile.

I am biased towards the Sindhri.

But that is true for all mangoes of Pakistan…..just like the country….just like it’s people.

The heat of difficulties, I pray to Allah, will eventually make us sweeter. May be we are not ripe yet. Still a little green. Still a little undone.

But given time, we will be the best in the world, because the heat “only makes the mangoes sweeter”.