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Monthly Archives: May 2013

The morning after elections, a letter to my PTI family

The morning after update: My PTI family, I have been getting texts, calls, inboxes. You are asking what I have to say because I am forever the optmist, forever the pacifist.

It’s not making sense, is it?

Some of you are so sad, you vow never to vote & run away from Pakistan. Some are numb. Some wanna give up forever.

To you I say: wake up & re-think. If you were part of Pakistan’s dreamy, immature vote bank, then yes, it’s over for you. I am not. I voted for PTI not because Khan is so hot (which he is) but because of the ideology. With PTI in clear lead in KP, do we understand the impact this could have? Our problems of terrorism need to be countered by sincere leadership from the Frontier, and God has given us that. As a Karachiite, I have grown up in a city where we would be afraid to even whisper the name of the leading party here. Yesterday, we called them by name & fought back where they tried to intimidate us. NA 250 friends, you know what I am saying. This is not to say all “maaloom afraad” are wrong or bad. But any form of oppression must be voiced against & Karachiites did that yesterday, & PTI had a lot to do with that. We mobilized women & youth to vote. And that’s change in itself.

Realistically, other parties, much as we may dislike them, have gone through much more. PPP’s journey has seen genuine jiyalas in jails, in death cells, with most of the Bhutto family assassinated. PML-N: the less said the better. It saddens me that one province decided the fate of the country, though I am Punjabi too. And ideology-wise I disagree with PML-N strongly. But for Pakistan’s sake, I hope that the economy strengthens if nothing else under their rule. Because at the end of the say, it is about Pakistan and what’s best for it. ANP has lost so much this time, & I feel they still will not give up because they have an ideology they believe in.

PTI supporters: We still have a real leader, a cause, a strong position in the parliament and lots to do for Pakistan. So the mature PTI supporter will only get stronger, more mature and politically aware, as will Khan. And the fickle voters will ebb away. Choice is yours.

I am proud to call Imran Khan my leader. And well done PTI.

“Maana k ye sun-san ghari sakht bari hai
lekin mere dil ye to faqat ek ghari hai
himmat karo jeene ko abhi umr pari hai” (Faiz)


Tujh ko kitnon ka lahu chahiye ae arz-e-watan….

Elections 2013 to be held on May 11th are a week away. We all wait for a new beginning for our beloved Pakistan…..but everyday innocent people continue to lose lives at the hands of militant forces, and the upcoming elections promise to be a time of more bloodshed. I hope our worst fears are proven wrong.

Did Faiz write this for us? For Pakistan today?

Tujh ko kitno(n) ka lahu chahiye ae arz-e-watan
jo teray aariz-e-bayrung ko gulnaar kare(n)
kitnee aahoo(n) say kalejaa tera thunda ho gaa
kitnay aansoo teray sehraao(n) ko gulzaar kare(n)

Teray aewaano(n) mei(n) purzay huay payma(n) kitnay
kitnay waaday jo na aasoodaa-e-iqraar huay
kitnee aankhoo(n) ko nazar khaa gaeey bud-khwaho(n) kee
khwab kitnay teree shehrahoo(n) mei(n) sungsaar huay

bilaa-kashaan-e-muhabbat pe jo huaa so huaa
jo mujh pe guzri mut us say kaho, huaa so huaa
mabada ho koee zalim tera garebaa(n) geer
lahu kay daagh to daman say dho, huaa so huaa

hum to majboor-e-wafa hei(n) mugar ae jaan-e-jahaa(n)
apnay ushshaaq say aysay bhee koee  karta hai
teree mehfil ko Khuda rakhay abad tak qaaim
hum to mehmaa(n) hei(n) gharee bhar kay hamara kya hai