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Naveen Waqar Weds Azfar Ali!! And that’s none of my business

Naveen Waqar – the femme fatale, gorgeous villain of the tele serial “Humsafar” that broke all success records and became a legend of Pakistani tv. Naveen left a mark as the ballistic, obsessed-with-Ashaar “Sarah”. But the delicate Naveen in interviews came across as quite the opposite of the psychotic Sarah……calm, elegant, pleasant. the proverbial “nice girl”.

She was next seen in Geo’s “Annie ki aayegi baraat” and the recent episodes showed her as the bashful bride.

And then, simultaneously, it happened! Firstly, hushed and cautious rumours and then full-fledged breaking news all over town.

Naveen had tied the knot with the known tv-anchor, actor and director Azfar Ali. What shocked the wits out of people was the fact that Azfar was already married to Salma Azfar, also a tv actress, for almost a decade, and has apparently divorced her before saying “I do” to the resplendent Naveen.

What followed was a frenzy of animated, passionate, fiery discussions over social networking sites, comment-wars under blogs and discussions over coffee. And essentially, everyone was and is saying the same things: That Naveen is a home breaker. That she has destroyed the life of Azfar’s children. Comments like “We will never forgive her” and “how could she do this?” flooded the blogs. Naveen had overnight become the “other woman”.

To me, this was a surprising bit of news and that’s about it. I have never been an Azfar fan but I rather like his (ex)wife Salma. She had a sweet, likable quality to her. I can empathize and feel for the children, as a home breaking is never easy for any party involved , specially the kids.

But with all the charged-up opinionated friends who are calling Naveen and Azfar names, I beg to differ. Agreed it is sad. But hello, do we really know the reality? Have we walked in the shoes of any party involved here?  In any case, whenever an engagement or a marriage break, why do we ask the inevitable “magar hua kya?”. Is it really our business and position to judge and belittle someone’s choices? What if his first marriage was already a bad marriage behind the smilie photographs? And yes, there is a very real possibility that leaving Salma is a mistake he is committing. But hey, it is HIS life and his mistake. And it is Naveen’s choice. My heart goes out to Salma, but I cannot judge without knowing details.

And the golden rule of course is to leave alone matters that we don’t concern us. There is so much more we can do with our precious time. Sign a petition in favour of the Shia Hazara. Read a good book. Read the great articles always available on the net that add value to your life. Bake something and have it with tea. Better still, have that cup of tea with your mom. Write. Pray. Walk. Love. Care………..

Why bicker and argue over what she and he did with their lives? Wish them the best, say “Shadee Mubarak” and move on. In short, get a life. After all, it’s known that gossipers don’t have much of a life of their own.

Choice is yours.

Salma, sending you strength and good vibes. May your tomorrows be much much better.

Naveen, you are no evil witch to me and your personal life is your business. So Shadee Mubarak.

And Azfar, could you improve the quality of your shows? The wit is a little run-down these days.

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  1. Very well written Farah. Yes totally agree with you, who are we to judge and why is always the woman who is the homebreaker. Is the man not responsible at all for making all the advances and moves. And yes there is always two sides to a story and one never knows what’s going on in a marriage till you are not in THEIR shoes. So totally agree with what you have written cheers. IC

  2. Our nation is currently in turmoil. We d rather use our time and energy thinking and disucssing the border issues, budget deficit the abuse of human rights, ideas to encourage education than someones married life. I totally agree with ur thoughts.

  3. Its a strange world. God knows what ever happened between both of them but its a sheer failure on both ends specially after having a love marriage & ending on this abysmal node.
    What we should learn from this is that both sex should value the person not the periphals attached to him or her . Having a little media association i remember Azfar days when he use to direct/Act in a very low budget sitcom & was trying to make an impression , he meet salma there & from there on journey for him started. Question is this what made them realize after that much time that they were not meant for each other?..

    The current divorce ratio in Pakistan is 72% as per a Gallup survey & most of these divorce happened in first 3 years of marriage. Have we ever find reasons for that?

    On the contrary our neighboring country having worlds 2nd largest population has low divorce rate then us though a recent research by A.C.Nelson Indian women topped with 87% being the most stressed women.

    Our young generation/couple needs to be educated on this that, look into the person rather his/her degree, villa, bank balance etc..its the individual that will make difference. ” Khob say Khob taar kee talash kabhee khatam nahin hogee”

    I feel sad for Salma because she married to a person who was not academically strong, struggling at that time & both of them were from different religion community yet she opted for him. Though i wish both of them are happiness.

  4. I agree with you to some extent like it is none of our business to talk about their lives.But if u say his first marraige might not be good i dun agree on this if its not good how could they be together for 9 years.They have two child u can do compromise for your children atleast… I feel sad for lil children….GOD bless you

  5. Well it is none of our business…thats for sure. Unfortunately today people in the public domain do not have private lives. So it is to be expected. That who is at fault, if any one is, well that we do not know and again not our business. Two more comments. a) divorce is allowed in our religion and the comment above seems to want things to work for life, It does not always. People change, circumstances change. That is why divorce is allowed. b) Islam allows for a second option, our Prophet and the greatest Muslims in a different era did it. Men could marry twice. Then at least the family gets some protection – esp the children. But our society frowns on that and seems to treat it as an evil, hence divorce. So the children and in case the woman is not earning, the woman herself suffers. I suppose the man does also, as they lose out on a continuing family relationship.

  6. whenever a family breaks .. it’s sad anyway… May God lead all to the right !!

    • I can not say that it is not our business because if can not stop something bad to happen at least say that it is bad ,Naveen is evil nad she is withch Azfar is tharki .I hate both of them.

      • You still don’t know theTruth or at least the actual story behind this…so it is not easy to say that it was bad

  7. If it doesn’t work go separate ways. What is the fuss. Personal life- let each be happy in whatever way they want to. Like you said do some thing useful and if there is nothing to do, go an watch ‘Dark Knight Rises Again’ and appreciate creativity at its best. 🙂

  8. I totally agree who are we to judge..we don’t know the inside story. Still I must say a good read.

  9. Great job. Spot on!!!
    As if we dont have any problem in our own life that need our attention we are discussin lives of the others thinking we are expert over it is an obsession of almost all of us in our society. And more on that we always inclined towards negative side of the incident.
    We must try to sort out the stuff messed up in our lives first.
    On that that shadi mubarik to VJ Fuse (because that is the name of NW i became fan of) and Azfar.

  10. Reblogged this on Rai Azlan Ka Blog and commented:
    A s if we dont have any problem in our own life that need our attention we are discussin lives of the others thinking we are expert over it is an obsession of almost all of us in our society. And more on that we always inclined towards negative side of the incident.We must try to sort out the stuff messed up in our lives first.On that that shadi mubarik to VJ Fuse (because that is the name of NW i became fan of) and Azfar.

  11. Article nahi Lecture tha.. Was indeed very nostalgic for me, Urdu ki aik teacher yaad agaye aitchison mein… Thank you for rekindling my memory and those LECTURES!

  12. Excellent written, I totally agree !

  13. I feel sympthy 4 salma yet its a very little thing that i can do 4 her. May Allah bless u with much better than Azfar.. Salma n may grant u courage to strengthen upbringing of ur Kid’s! Ameen

  14. – I, on a separate note, feel sorry for Naveen for falling for a guy who has it in him to leave his family, ruin the life of his children over his own personal interest suiting his whim and fancy. If nine years weren’t enough, what makes her think that he made genuine vows of being lifetime partner from heart and soul to her?

  15. Quite clear! Why are we passing abusing remarks for Azfar & Naveen and putting a crown of sympathy on Salma’s. It is never Naveen played devil or Salma played innocent. It is a relationship and working on it is no one’s business except the parties involved. I wish Salma good luck for immense opportunities ahead. Life never stops, enjoy as it comes to you. Azfar and Salma, wish you bundles of good luck for the new journey together. And to the readers or Azfar-Salma fans. Stop abusing. Stop Ridiculing. Grow up. No one can make or break any relationship other than the person involved. It is un-islamic and culturally oriented that a second wife has cast an evil shadow on a happy family. Never forget Islam permits a man to marry four women at any time. It is good and healthy. But he should be honest and equal sustenance provider. What if, Salma never proven a good wife or for her azfar was never a good husband. Who knows! Come out of the well. See the world is so big and with endless options.

  16. A well written article! Completely agree with u

  17. My comments written 2/3 days ago were not moderated. I did not think there was anything said which was wrong.

  18. m jus upset… mujhy nai pata aisa q hua, Azfar was my Icon… 😦 M very sad !!

  19. Nicely written article and I totally agree that its none of our business to judge Azfar,Salma or Naveen. The affected parties would only have reason enough to call it “Quits” after 9 years of marriage and 2 children. A lot more issues need to be addressed in our country at this point. So lets focus on those.

  20. A shocker news for me. Life goes on. Easy to say but not easy for the one who ever is suffering but life is too short to get engage into thots that will yield nothing….one has to make use of their life , their presence in this temporary world…..One must learn to forgive and patience is the key ….May Allah guide us all to the right path ! Ameen

  21. Great article Farah, but being honest I was somehow curious too, but from now on I know I can’t bake, but will have a good time with my Mother and with my Job 😀

  22. Very well written. You have touched an important point here. Wish more Pakistanis learnt about minding their own businesses. Life is too important to be spent gossiping. Very mature outlook. As Muslims, we have been sternly warned against it also. Keep up the good work.

  23. Why are bloggers even writing about it?


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