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A Morning in Bali

It is a clear, bright and sunny morning in Bali. The sky is clearer than I have seen in ages….a crisp blue. I am sitting in the balcony of a resort in Sanur Beach area in Bali. A friendly little bird is chirping away on the palm tree stem….a tree whose leaves touch the railing of my balcony. I am inspired to write, but time is short. Time is always short. Especially in Bali.

The sand under the feet is grainy. The water is inviting.

Me and my daughter have accepted the invitation. We are tanned to a nice honey brown by the time we come out. We forgot the sunblock and forgot that we are Asians and do not need the tan! But the golden ripples, a pristine quiet beach….Worth it.

People are perpetually in a holiday mood…..people from all over the world. It is interesting when THEY look at me interestedly. My looks are unique here I guess. I see no Pakistanis here. They think I am either Arab or Indian. I enjoy observing them. Whether it is the Australian couple on the pool side….the man has thick well-built arms laden with tattoos and the woman is a pretty blond. Or whether its that nimble petite Balinese girl in the balcony opposite me, from house keeping.
Art oozes out from the pores of Bali. Every wall. Every wall hang. Intricate, complicated, magnificent art, sculpted to perfection.
The weather is just about….perfect . The breeze surprises every time. Very few things in life surprise you every time. And Bali breeze does that.
Days can include anything from marveling at nature, having quiet Zen moments on the beach, water sports, cycling around the small but resplendent Sanur village, interacting with the locals, experimenting with truly exotic cuisine or getting a reflexology massage.
But the best part is that in Bali, time slows down. I am enjoying meeting myself again.

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  1. Farah loving it ..

  2. I thought you are a journalist only but you are a very good writer as well 🙂
    Enjoy your stay in Bali.

  3. I thought you are a journalist only. But you are a very good writer too 🙂
    Enjoy your stay in Bali

    • Thanks Azlan. Basically a writer. Journalist by default 🙂
      Please do read “Love the man who loves to read” among others on my blog….many are written pieces 🙂
      Look forward to your blogs

      • thanks for letting me know the titles they can be my on the way reads during coming London Yatras

  4. subhaanAllaah… everything seems so… serene!

  5. Lovely to read your writing. As someone who thrives in breezes, and loves scenes like you described, you sure put Bali on the map.

  6. Tarannum Zahidi Ahmed

    Awesome description of what this exotic city has to offer. Had to go on vacation elsewhere later this year but having read your article my decision is tipping more towards Bali now.


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