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Koi Ummeed Bar Naheen Aati….

Koi ummeed bar naheen aati

koi surat nazar naheen aati…..

Maut ka ek din muayyan hai,

neend kyun raat bhar naheen aati…..

Jaanta hoon sawaab e taa’at u zuhd

par tabiyyat udhar naheen jaati…..

Aage aati thee haal e dil pe hansi

abb kisi baat par naheen aati…..

Hai kuch aisi hi baat jo chup hoon

warna kya baat kar naheen aati…..

Daagh-e-dil gar nazar naheen aata

boo bhi aye charagar naheen aati…..

Hum wahaan hain jahan se humko bhi

kuch humari khabar naheen aati…..

Kyun na cheekhoon ke yaad karte hain

meri aawaaz gar naheen aati…..

Marte hain aarzoo mein marne ki

Maut aati hai par naheen aati….

Kaaba kis moun se jaaoge Ghalib

sharm tumko magar naheen aati

About FarahnazZahidi

Journalist, writer, Communications practitioner, teacher, media trainer | Literature | Gender Parity | Peace | Islam | Very Desi | Chaai, not coffee.

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  1. Tarannum Zahidi Ahmed

    There are so many Urdu poets but and he has contributed a whole lot to it….”Kehtay hain ke Ghalib ka hai andaz-e-bayyan aur”.

  2. wah wah!

    Subhan Allah!

    Mirza Ghalib ki baat hi kuch aur!

  3. Paiwasta reh shajar se umeed e bahar rakh! Sorry cant remeber the second line right now!
    Farah…. no time for depressing poetry! I and you have work to do…. with our pens we have to nudge, coax and force people to wake up and Work for a change,…all of you out there do your bit, because in the end every small piece of work will count.
    I want to tell you about my new slogan….
    My name is Yasmin Elahi, and I refuse to give up!!!

  4. Shakeel Jaan 03367867507

    All the best.

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