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But Why Do Punjabi Women Fall For The “Karachiite-type” Men?

Jaani, kuch to baat hai hum mein

The idea of Urdu-speaking larkaas falling for Punjabi mutyaars caught on like fire! We all saw much of ourselves in that earlier blog. So many of us related to it. As did I, because of my half-Punjabi streak (the other half is Sindhi, but that part will need another blog;)).

What makes perfect sense is that if in the 6th most populous nation in the world, Pakistan that is, a HUGE number of Karachiite-type men are falling for and are with Punjabi women, a complimenting number of Punjabi women have also statistically fallen for, and agreed to be with, and “LIKE” (more than in the FB “like” kind of liking) the Urdu-speaking variety of guys.

So what’s so special about the Karachiite-type dudes? Why do many Punjabi girls choose them over the bhangra-ofying, equally colourful, jazbaati, food-loving, mostly good looking, from the same gene pool, khulla dulla Punjoo guys?

Let’s find out:

1. The Namak Factor:

They are not always lookers. They are not always hunks. But the Karachiite boys have something going for them….something that works! Not always gora chitta, but mostly attractive in a rugged kind of way. It could be the tanned complexions owing to roughing it out on Nipa chowrangi or catching the bus that takes you Karachi University. Or maybe because they have been doing the wheelies on the Honda 70 on Jail Road. But even the ones with FX Suzukis and the Corollas and the Civics etc….even if they are usually in air-conditioned cars, and even if they are Delhi walas with  fair complexions, they have, well, what is called attraction. It’s like the Khewra salt mines peppered the Karachi guys with namak. Kuch baat hoti hai!

2. The “Opposites Attract” Factor:

Punjabi girls have seen, since they were doing kiklee kaleer dee, boys which are like their daddies and chachoos and phupha jees…..the same kinda culture. The “saying it on your face”. The warmth and affection for which you never have to work hard because in a Punjabi family every body is perpetually in a “maa sadqay jaye” zone (trust me, I know this one!). The “pehle bolo, phir tolo” attitude. The potential to get all emo, angry or sad very soon, and get back to normal equally quickly. The loud volume. The khul ke hansna.

While all of this is awesome in it’s own way, she enjoys the change when she meets a man who thinks before he speaks. For whose attention you have to work hard if you want it consistently (I’m not talking about the first 6 months of marriage here), because the thrill of the chase is not only reserved for men. She likes the manly-but-not-irritatingly-macho style. In many ways he is gentler. And he also brings out the best in her – within months of being with him, she realizes that he has inner censorship beeps. She is suddenly in the “aap ye leejiye” zone. She enjoys the transition from “haan jee” to “jee haan”, just like he enjoys going from “jee haan” to “haan jee”. Why, even if he has to scold her, he will probably say “zabaan sambhaal kar baat keejiye aap, zyada bakwaas mat keejiye” instead of……!!! And he will very soon be calling your mom “ammi jaan“! Of course, the Karachiite boys also have the “abay tu kya keh rahi hai” side to them, alongwith the tehzeeb o tamaddun.

He will not say “Inna pairha salan pakaya jai”. He will instead praise your badly cooked salan so smartly that he will eventually bring out the khidmat guzaar biwi in you. This is unlike what you have known all your life! So it is attractive in a weird way.

It’s completely the opposite. Life takes a 360 degree turn with him. That’s both attractive, and complimentary. The combo works!

3. The Attitude – The X Factor:

What do Urdu-speaking, and particularly Karachiite guys owe their attitude to? It’s probably the multi-cultural, cut throat, no-time-for-nonsense, on the go, fast-paced, dangerous nature of the city of Karachi that makes them have this attitude. They have a defiant streak. Perpetually on the hum kisee se kum naheen roll. Even if they weigh 45 kgs, they feel like they can take on a man double their size. They are street smart in a very tehzeeb yaafta way, but it’s written on their forehead that “honey, mere saath badtameezi naheen chalay gee“. Whether they are in a naqsheen Lucknowi kurta or looking all unkempt in a pair of jeans, warn out loafers and a shirt from Zainab market, they have the same attitude. The “HUM” attitude – and this self-assured streak, though irritating and a pain at times, is attractive. The damsel in distress inside every woman likes a man who takes charge, specially when he does so politely.

Sharaafat ki zabaan samajh lo jaan e mann!!

4. He Is ALSO A Foodie In The Closet: 

Other parts of Pakistan have a known reputation for being the food capital. Lahore and Lahoris, for instance, are synonymous with khaana peena. But Urdu-Speaking men are no less. In fact, they are more picky and particular about food and related combinations. They will not just devour food. They will notice subtle details like “aloo gosht mein aaloo lambai mein katnay chahiyein, choraai mein naheen”, and “qormay ke saath sheermaal chalay ga” and “Tower ki chaanpon ki kya baat hai” and “nihari to bhaii bong hee ki achi banti hai” and “maash ki daal par to moti laal mirach ka bhigaar hota hai, haree mirach ka naheen” and “Zahid ki nihari? Naheen yar. Malik ki baat aur hai. Wohi Burns Road wala”.

So if the begum is  a Punjoo and a food lover too, the combination works. One big happy foodie family.

5. Urdu-Speaking Men Are Better Husbands (Myth, Or Reality!)

That’s the general perception, at least. That they are gentle and keep their temper and tongues under check. That they allow the khawateen in their life more empowerment. That it’s the women and not the men in a typically Karachiite household that rule, but in a civil, polite manner.

But bhaiyya, the truth is that Lahore ya Karachi, Quetta ho ya Sukkur, Peshawer ho ya Multan, har shareef aadmi is afraid of the mood swings and tantrums of the woman in his life, whether the tantrums are the “silent but deadly” kind or the openly volatile kind.

So guys, whether you are from Lahore or Karachi, agar apni khair chahiye and you wanna be happy then treat your woman with love and respect. The more you give, the more you get 😀

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  1. Just one thing more, with tehzeeb they also show intellect (artifical intelligence ;)) which melts punjaban heart but if she finds out he’s a mama’s boy, she takes patli gaali.
    Cos daddy’s girl and mama’s boy combo do not work.

    Excellently articulated.

  2. ahhhh i don’t agree completely as I have lived 18 years of my life in Karachi and am Punjabi from heart , I wouldn’t say that Karachiite guys wouldn’t make good husband i guess they would make far better husbands than Punjabi husband as Punjabi husbands have more EGO Problem than Karachite one but still the Punjabi guy has this charisma which attracts girls more that machoness and if you’re falling for “single paslee” as we quote it then you are falling for boys not guys….

    Though a very nice piece written

    • lol at single pasli……i am 6”1 double pasli paka Karachi wala…….now this is also a misconception kay Karachi walay single pasli hee hotay han ……….mostly all the paslien are found in Brian of Karachi wala ;p..coz we prefer drinking CHAA over DOODHHH

      • LOL @ Chaa over Doodh!

      • lol.. my friends from karachi are all single pasli and yes they are MAMA’s boys… So,….
        punjabi b hr trha k hotay hain.. even half pasli b… 😛
        but most of them are quite HATTAY KATTAY…

      • Instead of calling them single pasli I’ll prefer the term Muscular… while Punjabi guys are mostly Gosht ki Dukaan woh bhi charbi wala 🙂

      • agree with brother naveed r siddique :D. what if we are single passli which we arent but still have manners and have courage and attraction.

      • I was born and raised in Karachi for 18 years of my life, since I moved abroad people call me here “paindoo”, according to them I talk like a punjabi and eat like a Lahori.

    • lol @ single pasli 😀

    • i totally agree wid u wardah 🙂

  3. Lol, the above comment is SO APT! Really, if i find anything in him too JI ABI JI, OR JI AMI JI, in him, i am PUT OFF BIG TIME! lol Thumbs up for the article.

  4. Muhammad Rameez

    Punjaban Lady knows really well that how to tackle her “Karachiite-type” Man.. (My Boss Spoke about)

  5. Karachi guys can be explains in one sentence “unchi dukhan pheekay pakwan”

  6. Hahahaha
    Love it!

    Although in my case its the exact opposite. My Lahori hubby fell head over heels for a Karachiite born & bred soft-speaking Memon!

    now that’s saying something

  7. Extremely nice, all whats said is true. In my case a Punjabi guy was raised in karachi, hyderabad environment and my heyy you has changed to jee salam alaikum :)..I honestly believe 2,3,4 can be acquired by 6 feet tall Punjabi guys if they were to be raised in that karachi type environment. Whats the word ..’saleekay aa jatay hain’ 🙂
    In our house its said Daddyjan is the President and Mommyjan is Prime Minister 🙂 I however prefer the american political system and let my husband be the President but my voice does count and I have a right to disagree and discuss leading us both to understand each other’s point. Rest may Allah grant every couple with happiness aameen and let the devil stay away from them, aameen.

  8. I agree with many of the reasons and the appeal of the non-Punju man being that he is the opposite of what she’s had around her all her life; the thoughtful, tameez dar, intelligent, less impulsive qualities.
    But the rest just confuses me 🙂
    As a Punjabi girl in Karachi, I still related to the previous post (yes, Karachi hasn’t succeeded in refining me).
    But #1 and #3 of this post could just as well apply to my Karachiite Punju brother.

    That said, this is a humorous post meant to be light hearted fun, so ignore my over analyzing 🙂

    Did I mention I LOVED the last post?

    • Khizra M? Is it?
      Loving the over-analysis of even inconsequential things like this blog, as I can relate to that totally 😉
      I agree….Namak is not Karachi-boyzzz exclusive.
      # 3… me, aik ajeeb sa “hum” taika hai in Karachiites. At least I think so.

      Yaar even I loved the previous post better & realized that Punjoo girls are so mazaydaar that adjectives, puns & metaphors came effortlessly when I was writing about them 🙂 That’s a compliment to them!!!

  9. Quite an entertaining article. Being a Karachiite I must say it was flattering as well haha. I agree with the part on empowerment. I think the trasition that the author has written about is quite a recent shift in attitudes and I feel it is born out of necessity. Karachi wallas havent changed, but the times have. Women now seek equality and a partnership rather than the traditional relationships of the past. And Karachiiets are a convinient alternative to say the least. Eventually the shift in attitude will happen across Pakistan and men will become a bit more accomodating and susceptible to the idea of partnership but until this happens, women will continue to sway towards karachi wallas.

    Good one!!

  10. Matlab Maza agayah……ager pura article urdu may hota to 4 chand lag jatay..Janab writer sb ke research ko dad dayne chiyah..the dehli wala gola part and the Zahid nehari , hann jee to jee han was out classed…………….

    rest i am missing all my Punjabi girls whom i flirted with ;p

  11. I am a so called Punjabi (Siraiki as per my loving younger staunch Siraiki nationalist brother) married to a Karachiete (A sindihi girl). I know that it is a minority in all the inter-provincial marriages probably but would be interesting to see this also covered in an article.

    On a serious note, in my opinion the inter provincial marriages over coming few years in Pakistan can play a major role in country becoming one nation and will bring more stability and understanding among us all.

  12. good article 🙂 very well written!

    “The damsel in distress inside every woman likes a man who takes charge, specially when he does so politely.”

    agreed 🙂 be polite and u’ll get the farmabardar biwi one can wish for. ‘charge’ aint what normally women seek. they seek partnership. will happily hand over all the charge to the men of the family and feel proud to 😉

  13. umm.. great writing… but im a karachi-wali… dont we get a piece written about us? 😛

  14. Muhammad Imran

    Well its a fine analysis again……but the only thing in Karachiite guys that makes them qualify them to be better or in fact best husbands is, I guess, “Zanmureedi” factor. It does look like a norm in Karachi to “Fear Your Wife”. 🙂

  15. Good one. Unlike poles attract each other 🙂

  16. farigh loag

  17. I’m an Urdu Speaking woman married to a Punjabi man.

    I HATE the idea of race being important in a marriage. The cultural baggage each and every person brings into a relationship is inevitable, no matter where you’re from. This is exactly the kind of thinking that makes our parents more and more racist and breeds the ethnicity-bias whenever they think about prospective grooms and brides for their children.

    I had the same argument with my father when I tried convincing him that I will be happy with a Punjabi man (because he had other qualities in him besides being a Punjabi!) – but he kept saying that Punjabi mean are prone to be violent towards their wives.

    It’s been 3 years since we got married and about 8 since we have known each other. And I don’t think there is anything ‘Punjabi’ about my husband except the language he speaks or the unbelievable brownness of his eyes.

    So while this article was sexist, racist and incredibly offensive to both Punjabis and Urdu-Speaking men and women, it was also erroneous. There are many nice, well-spoken Urdu Speaking men I have known who are great husbands, good sons. And foodies! But there are some who are complete douches. Nice on the outside as well, but turned out to be lying conniving bastards. Then there are lovely, easy-going, food-loving Punjabi men who are great husbands. And there are harsh, even violent Punjabi men who won’t be too great to their wives overtly but won’t cheat on them either. So you can’t really say who’s who based on the place they were born.

    If a man is born in a stable, it doesn’t make him a horse.

    • Hey Minerva.
      I appreciate & have thoroughly enjoyed your critical analysis. 🙂
      Couldn’t agree more. Racial prejudice is a huge issue. It was amazing to me to see the feedback this blog got, mainly because we identify with a lot in it, and our racial backgrounds are still so important to us.
      Honestly, this was a just a no-brainer, fun piece and not a social statement, which is why I begun with a disclaimer in the original piece. This one was the sequel.
      Thanks for chiming in

    • Good one!! If a man is born in a stable, it doesn’t make him a horse.

    • what do u mean by saying Punjabi???? kia Punjabi hona ghelet hay??? is there some thing wrong for being Punjabi??? we r muslim, and being muslim this is all rubbish for which we r talking about, do any “tahzeeb yaafta” Karachi wala know about this????

    • I just dont agree with the article..neither to any of the comment..but i m unable to stop replying u…ur comment shows real picture..n ur on top of reality….i wonder how much racist our nation is..n still we criticise gov for all bad things???

    • Asalamoalikum,
      Well said Minerva!

  18. The transition from “HAAN JEE” to “JEE HAAN” was so aptly put. Love this post for its warmth, depth and length.

    Glad to have found your blog and hope to be reading more of you!


  19. There Are Memons In Karachi Too -.-

    • PaKistan LOVER

      Of course they are and we love them!! Have many of my relatives married into a memon family. People need to understand that Karachi is not just Urdu-speakers, it has every ethnicity and languages on earth and we love it just because of that. This is coming from an Urdu-speaker(personally i hate this term, because Urdu is national language so why categorize like that?)

      • We have to because everybody is categorizing themselves so this left us no other choice rather than calling us Urdu speaking because that’s what we are.

  20. A punjabi friend of mine married an urdu speaking guy frm Karachi (arranged marriage) but fell in love with the guy & his family for the sheer manners they displayed, their soft spokeness & their rakh-rakhao. She was completely bowled over by his ‘tehzeeb’ & remains so 17 years after marriage.

    • I agree completely. Good manners and good naturedness conquers all 🙂

    • what tahzeeb???? the most galian i ever heard r used by Urdu Speaking, they call Punjabis as “dhagga”, they r biased, they abuse Punajbis more than any other race, they always pretend to be perfect which definitely they donot….. only English is the criteria for them, they r most laid-back workers….. o please, don’t self-prais Karachi walas…..

      • We’re biased? No way. People living in Karachi are from different cities and if we were racist we wouldn’t let anybody live in and you know that and nobody asks here where you come from like I heard on my every visit to Punjab “tussi Karachi se aae hoo?”. I say yes then the first question they’ll ask either if you’re a bhai loog or not? WTH that means? Is every urdu speaking belong to MQM? and even if they do then who the hell are you to ask . That’s the mindset of most Punjabis and even here in Canada I experienced same racism by some of them.

  21. i thoroughly enjoyed it:) it proved to be a morning delight:) thanks dear ones for bringing life so early in the morning to an aged by years but young at heart lady of just62 years old 🙂 love you all

  22. I am a punjabi gal married to an Urdu speaking guy and I so agree with the article completely.

  23. Ankhoon Ke Sagar

    I respect opinion of author; but realities are different than chants, so lets counter his arguments with FACTS:

    1) Fact: What Girls Want?
    Every girl like (without discussing ethnicity, either she belongs to Urdu Speaking, Baloch, Sindhi, Pakhtoon, Punjabi or any other Nationality) a nice, polite and educated Guy who is loving, caring, understanding, honest & he does not poses Big MOUTH! as bare minimum : )
    So usually girls fall in for those Guys who shows good manners, decency, strong character and kindness; then handsomeness, good looks, wealth, good job, comes loooooooooooong after that.

    Since “Pendo” can exist anywhere in the world (this is not trade mark of particular region, lolx) so Girls really hate existence of such species, lolx 😀

    Also, it all depends on what attracts him/her and what are life priorities. Above mentioned Facts are not trademark of “Urdu-speaking larkaas6” only, but this can be found in any sensible and well groomed Guy.

    So I humbly disagree with opinion of author in his article; Guy all over Pakistan now catching up and are at least aware of manners that that was extinct before (just like not all fingers are same).

    I myself seen many marriages being broken because when realities take over from Honeymoon period than no matter what, every Guy has the tendency to become “Pendo” in not time. Most Punjabi Girls (or their families) prefer Guys from their own culture for many reasons since it is difficult for them to adjust with “Urdu-speaking larkaas”.

  24. I enjoyed all comments in favor and against of Karachi boys/ guys. actually I am a mother, and mother has no distinction or difference between Punjabi, Urdu speaking, Pathan , Baloch, Saraiki, Kashmiri, Sindhi for, I believe that, ai puttar hattan de nai wikday 🙂 wish all my youth —–girls or boys—– a happy prosperous, pious, clean, healthy long life with emaan. ameen ameen ameen

  25. I’m British born Pakistani with my Mother originally from Karachi & Father from Lahore, so i’m probably not qualified enough to talk about the majority from Pakistan so I can’t generalise you guys know better, i’ll speak from personal experience only, Karachites to me seem very immersed into their work very diligent & hardworking, Lahori’s appear a lot more laidback and fun loving, I personally enjoy interacting with both sides as I love both & make no distinction.

    One thing I must say though I had one experience at work with a person fresh from Karachi & believe me it was a big learning experience and a shocker, he worked with us at Madam Tussauds in London, he was the only Karachite out of the group we had at work, & this guy was on a mission so incredibly driven to make money full of hunger and blood. He had the gift of the gab was very fluent in English had charm, into fashion trendy and looking good, he had girls all over him & he’d take full advantage of it & when I say full advantage I mean full. At work after solidifying his position in a few months and earning the trust n respect of everyone, he was placed incharge of the ticketing operations to customers, then he made a plan since he knew how expensive tickets are at Madam Tussauds for customers, what he’d do without anyone knowing, is he’d get a single ticket, tear it in half thereby making them two seperate tickets and charge customers for that torn piece alone and pocket the proceeds, he kept that up for nearly two months before he got caught n sacked but during that period he had made enough money, he’d also bag the rich upper class girls in the neighbourhood for their money, he was studying here as well and was a very bright student on top of it all. His Father was the same into womanising it was an absolute shocker for me I had never seen anything like it forget Pakistan I had never seen anyone like that here in London

    All he wanted to do was to make money & he did, wanted a mansion big house big everything life of extravagance & i’m sure he succeeded given the type of person he was. The other people at my work was Lahoris or Punjabis from other cities who were simple, shareef types, who’d just go to work and slog like the rest of us I include myself in that too. Of course I’m not generalising noway all Karachiites are like that but it was impressive I gotta say 🙂

  26. I’m an Armenia girl and I have a Punjabi boyfriend. I can not imagen a better man than him. He is so beautiful, in every way.

    I think people shouldn’t think ohh a punjabi girl with a boy from an other province ..
    They should say this is just beautiful, a woman and a man who love eachother.
    And when you love someone.. It’s your dutity to treat that person well.

  27. Hahaha Good one. Can’t believe I missed out on this. Lol

  28. hello . This was interesteng reading. Well Iam a bengali. hindu from India. To me wether you are punjabis,sindhis, paktuns, or baluch Ifeel you have the characteristics of people in North India (punjab, haryana, western u.p. Himachal, jammu and kashmir) The hindu counter part have the same habits , way of seeing life in general loud, earthy sometimes disgusting. The other good things about them are ,they are very extrovert, and priceless as friends. Your people from Karachi can be the people from Sind, Lucknow, Thes people are very artculate and rarely mingle outside their community. The traits which you have mentioned amongst the two communites have similar traits in the hindu counterparts. Any way good to know that you and we are the same . God bless you be happy

  29. Lolz, very nice and informative article. I guess you are married too, since your ending is very diplomatic :P.
    Anyways, again, it was fun reading that.

  30. Nusrrat Rathore

    Krachi will always be remembered for its amazing comedians, the educated activists and of-course…. Bhai Jaan 😛 … fast paced urdu and the crispy accent…. but somehow it is of no competition when it comes to the LAHORE 😛

    • i love em pijamas (not) and nimko (not) and (not) their accent or lack of physique and the way their shrts dun leave space for em to breath… and oh the gutka gets me near fainting ( of badbu) and yeah bori ❤

  31. I cant stop laughing. Fun to read but i guess its not about Karachi and Lahore everyone has their own choice. i

  32. the “HUM” thing… hahahahha…. so true… 😀

  33. Well written! Really enjoyed the writing of yours. Karachi Karachi hai yaar! 😉

  34. Well I am amazed how everyone has missed one major quality of karachi walas! THEIR HUSKY VOICES! I have come across such drop dead handsome punjabi guys till they speak! their accents kill all the dreams and romance! and these sanwla larkas have that voice that melts you! but as far as husbands are concerned I think punjabis are better husbands cause they have this strange devotion to their wives. they love their wives no matter what and thats what I have observed!

    • Same thing I found in Lahori girls that they look good until they speak but they’re not skinny like the Karachi girls at least.

      • Wow umair! thanx man! I myself am not a fan of being or looking skinny!

      • You’re welcome. Anyways if a good looking Punjab girl who is not skinny (for me specifically) and can speak good Urdu along with the qualities a wife should have then it’s a win win for her because I’m looking for one to marry lol InshAllah, because I like to being with people from different cultures as long as they’re respectful.

    • p.s doesn’t matter for me at least where the girl is from as long as she has the above described qualities.

  35. Yard baat much nahin hair buss itni hair keh….jo jis ko phasa le.. Lol

  36. Errr.. what about someone like me? Born & bred in Karachi, lived there for 20yrs before moving abroad, made a ton of female friends in Khi n some from Lahore but NEVER got romantically attracted to any Pakistani girl (intellectually mostly)…?!?!

    This is not being racist or anything, I felt physical attraction at times and really wanted to date a Pakistani girl, things overall just didn’t click.. Yet I’ve dated quite a few non-Pakistani women since leaving Pakistan (obviously not many foreign women in Pakistan, unless u’re in Islamabad)..

    Strange… just my two centz.. don’t judge!

  37. This was definitely a very fun read! Enjoyed reading it till the end! 😀

  38. Lolzz i have fallen head over heals over a punjabi girl from isloo being from karachi yeah i do agree to most of the things lolzzz…but well she is ummm not all of that but is soft spoken but has that spark in her which i just dont find in the karachi girls…..gonna get married to this girl for sure and not gonna leave her dat easily 😀
    all in all excellent article and good fun read 😀 You have busted a myth which i have heard since i was born hahaha……Dont know how i missed this article lol

  39. Brother, have you seen the Crime Program on different News Channel? if yes then this article is totally not true :P, the different between karachi wala and Punjabi are, karachi wala show it self buger bucha even he dont have single penny in this pocket 😀

  40. @Farah Naz, being a Karachiite living in Islamabad and Lahore for 3 years, the major thing which sets us Karachi walas apart is the tongue in cheek wit and witty replies which take a while for the girls and guys here to catch up to.. This is the one thing which git me the most friends and admirers in Islamabad at least.

    • That is so true. Both sides of my family r Urdu speaking n hence I m a pure Urdu speaking gal but I have spent all my life in isbd. The witticism of the karachites is unmatched. The punjabis are lath mar but the karachites have that awesome subtle “all puns intended” thing going on for them. 😀

  41. Waqas Moiz Khan

    Hahahhahaahah I am seriously LMAO 😀

    I was actually reading it and thinking how I do things n feel etc. being a karachiite 😀 and its all sooo true 🙂 We rock don’t we? 😉

  42. Pingback: Why Do the “Karachiite-type” Men Fall For Punjabi Women? | chaaidaani

  43. Cranky Dentist

    I moved to Karachi 3yrs ago and i’ve come across a lot of negative attitude towards the urdu-speaking community. Being one myself, i think i’d love to see teh expression my friends faces when they read this =D

  44. What a classic depiction of both Punjoo women and Karachiite men! Very well written! Kudos.

  45. Zeeshan Haider

    Ghar ki Murghe Daal barbaer… People from two diffrent culture ..They can’t spend a good life… You said girls like those attractive boys come on you call them attractive (only white colour) … Face with empty pocket… Marriage it is not about beauty or attraction … If any of you is married he/she will agree with it… One year after marriage there is no beauty or attraction left… In our society if you are married out side of your family so you are no more involved in family matters… Why Punjab girls like Karachi Man.. Answer is simple they like it because of clean shave white chikna face … And White colour is waekness of all punjabi boys/girls .. One thing more Karachi guys are good in flirting too… They know how to get what they want…. Girls who follow them always cry for the rest of life… You can’t combine both cultures at one place bleieve me… I am half punjabi half karachi wala.. My father is from Punjab but I born in Karachi and living here from last 25 years… I saw people living in big houses ,, drving a car which cost is more than 25 lakh but in front of that house A gutter is leaking but that person don’t want to pay few hundred rupees to close it that is reality of you Karachi walas… To be honest you guys are not only left on earth for whom all punjabi girls are dying … Reality is we punjabi allow you to make relationship with us otherwise you were the people who can’t travel outside of Karachi and relationship buahaha that was far far away from that :/ Don’t forget about your reality… Still now these days many of your karachi wala business man has been setteld into punjab and they want all punjabi boys to be their son in law… Now tell me where are Karachi Walas 😀

  46. What a fine discriminatory article. Lets get every one in on this then, Tou punjabi tou Karachi wala tou yeh tou woh. We need to come out of this! What the hell is wrong with people? No one is better than the other nor is some one inferior than the other. All areas have their own cultural heritage but that is culture not the personality of an individual! A guy or girl can either like or dislike it as per their taste, Hell I like Latina’s, Black & Chinese women! I think they are hot and desi girls are tasteless but this does not mean desi chicks are tasteless! They are wonderful human beings and some are absolutely mind blowing hot. Just not my taste.

  47. Bara hee farigh time hai… Seriously, just look at the lenghty responses here…. But by the way I have rarely seen punjabi girs or guys falling for karachitte.

  48. The foodie part is too trueee !
    Like Urdu Speaking girls also tend to go towards this choosy and picky foody factor 😀

  49. This is excessive shit, it all depends on one’s perspective e.g. the first priority for most of the Karachiite families, whether it is there son or daughter who’s getting married, is money and the social status of the family, so no matter if it’s Punjabi guy, or Pakhtoon girl or whatever, they’ll always go for money. Their polite attitude towards their in-laws can be pretty much explained by this :p
    As for Punjabis, I’ve never seen or met any family, who’ll willingly marry their daughter into a Karachiite family. They’ll prefer a sharif family, even if that family is not financially comparable to them. Punjabi boys bhi aese hi Karachi wali larkion ke peechay paray hotay hen, ek baar un ki english ke bajae un ki Altaf Hussain wali Urdu sun len, to phr kabhi dobara un ka naam nai len ge 😀

  50. I would start off by saying that its indeed very challenging to write a sequel and that too of a highly appreciated and well received article. However I feel you have done complete justice with season 2 as well:)! The highlight for me (as I am myself going through this phase) is “the transition from “haan jee” to “jee haan”, just like he enjoys going from “jee haan” to “haan jee”. Bull’s eye!!

  51. well i have known quite a few punjabi girls who fall for the karachiite type guys and then end up getting married to them but then find it really hard to stomach all the star plus wali intrigue that happens in karachi wali families.

  52. “Ma Sadqe jaye zone”….this is just epic 😀 You got some real deep observation lady, Cheers (still cant stop laughing)

  53. taskeen zehra

    the piece is downright entertaining.!!cheers…how about one on punjoo men and Karachi gal?

  54. Im an urdu speaking and i know alot of karachiites, but punjabi guys have that charisma and attitude that karachi boys can never have. I have lived in islamabad all my life and there is a huge difference. And i have never seen such case, even if it happens its very very rare.
    but i have seen many Karachi girls and boys flattering over Punjabi and islamabadians ALOT. Karachi used have its time, which is unfortunately gone now. They are two different cultures and people prefer people from the same culture they live in because of the same mindset. I am not saying that Karachi boys are not good or they lack something punjabis just have an edge.
    They might get involved for a little time because of the “opposite-attraction”, but its very rare that a Punjabi girl would prefer Karachi boy. They are born within “men” , and prefer desi boys and all rounder sort.
    And it would be really nice if you don’t mix up between typical karachiites and Urdu speakings, because Karachi is a multi-culture city and criticizing only Urdu speaking would not be nice 🙂

  55. Haha! This article’s (and the previous one) great but the comments even funnier!

    I’m a punjabi married to a Karachi guy and I have to disagree with so much here! First off, when we met he was all ‘tum’ and ‘tu’ and ‘haaaan Kya baat hai’…wow was that a turn off! And I was more into ‘aap’ and thankfully he picked up on it fast 😉 although I still get subjected to the occasional cow-like ‘haaaan’ that he’s used to with his family. And mind you, they are supposedly ‘tahzeebyafta’ ‘Delhi walas’ 😉
    Oh and the language!! My goodness…even I’ve started cursing a bit thanks to my ‘sailor’ husband!!
    2nd, the writer’s assumption that the nonchalant attitude that these men exude is actually such a turn off I almost walked away in the beginning. 😛 We punjabi girls respect a man who knows he has to chase, he has to court. An indifferent attitude says to us ‘you don’t really matter, you’re not really worth it’, and obviously that would send us into a romantic, awestruck punjabi guy’s charms faster than you can say ‘o bhaiiii suno to sahi’.
    One Karachi friend actually argued abt why should he give his girlfriend flowers…what is this man woman thing!? Well…girls need romance, that’s why, Khi dimwit :p

    Third…my Khi guy may love a woman who is witty and challenging, but turned out to have as many ego, chauvinism issues as the punjabi men written abt in both blogs! In fact, Lahori guys are pretty chill abt things now…times have changed!
    So yeah…your arguments don’t hold much water for me!! Great fun reading them tho :-))

    • great ….. did the justice with so called tahzeeb yafta…who always start conversation with “saala/saali”…. who always use “maan behen ke gali” in every other sentence….who love to back-bite….and create gossips just to make fun of others…..

      • Next time try to hang out with proper Urdu speaking guys then you’ll find out.

      • @mm Brother, you have been thoroughly misguided or seen only one side of the coin. In reality, you should question yourself for being open to that kind of people and not the real Karachites. Don’t forget Karachi is the city of outsiders and we are fun loving people who get along very well if it is not for stupid politics on cast. In general, Karachi walas are very pin pointy on certain things just for the fun of it, but than you can also get people like Waheed Murad who are chocolaty and very romantic towards their spouse. I for once, don’t understand why some people like to contradict other people just to make their point, where they can just do so more politely and in an efficient manner.

    • You shouldn’t married a Karachi guy if you have so many complaints. If you wanna hear then same thing happened with my relatives who married their sons in Punjabi families, who says now ‘never marry a Punjabi girl’ because good looks can be deceiving, so it doesn’t mean all Punjabi girls are same. Anyways different type of people found everywhere doesn’t matter they’re Punjabi or Urdu speaking so don’t pick on us if you got a bad husband.

      • Heh…no need to get so touchy omair! I love my husband, but these myths about karachi guys needed to be dispelled 🙂
        As for punjabi girls, there are plenty of educated Lahori girls from ‘tehzeebyafta’ families who speak far better than a lot of these so called tameezdar Karachi guys. In some ways too casual a style ala Karachi guys is off-putting!

      • righto faryal…

      • it’s not the myth about Karachi guys, you just need to be with some proper Urdu speaking families. Anyways I’m forced to say that some Punjabis can’t change their racist mindsets against Urdu speakings because they just can’t accept the fact they’re the ones who brought that “Tehzeeb” in Pakistan.

    • Even for myself I don’t care whether she is from Punjab, KPK etc as long as she’s honest, loving and down to earth and as long as the chauvinism issues concerned, that’s natural and defined in Quran also at many points that men are a degree superior than women.

      • Omair pls don’t misquote the Quran…nowhere does it say men are superior to women. No woman is inferior to any man on the street. It is only in certain relationships such as husband, or father, that they are given ‘final say’ or placed slightly ‘above’. This is for social hierarchy and harmonious living, otherwise the emphasis in the Quran is on companionship, fair dealing, and shedding of arrogance. Your wife will have much to offer you in the areas of wisdom, intelligence, nurturing and love. Please value her as an equal human being, and focus on growing better together.
        I hope you don’t consider my 2 cents offensive, just trying to inspire.

      • I’m not misquoting rather said the same thing by saying ‘ at many points’ which means not everywhere just at some places.

    • mixed culture hai mixed language karachi boy is not a lakhnow boy yaar seriously lakhnow guys say like aap janab suniye hazoor tashreef rahkiye etc etc 😀

      • For your information this is lukhnaoo languge..we use simple words with English. Ppunjabi languge is sweet and simple …for father ,mother,dada, you have one word tusi for all, I LIKE IT. PAA JI KI HAAL HAI…WE SAY ONLY KYA HAL HAY.PUNJAB PUNJAB HAI…NO COMPARISON WITH A COSMOPOLITAN CITY WITH PEOPLE FROM ALL PROVINCES WITH DIFF. ACCENTS….I LOVE PUNJAB. INNITIATIVE AND INTELLIGENT..

  56. things rapidly became racist. KHER. achi taaleem aur tarbeyat ho to banda polite b hota he aur doosray plus points b hotay hen usmay. karachi wala/punjoo etc etc doesnt count. aik achay khaasay funny article ko racist rang mat dijiye/// achi tehreer ko enjoy kijiye.

  57. A clear desperation of Karachitis, stay calm and be confident 🙂 khud pasandi ki had hai , Bole ayeny Bole ufff mein kitna haseen hun … 😀

  58. Well Karachi wala won’t even go out with a Lahore type girl coz as the cliche goes”Lahorri larki cute hai jub tak wo mute hai”
    A v nice piece of writing waisy, u should write something for punjabi boys too !unka b DIL hai..

  59. Cn we get an article on the Punjabi sindhi duo now? ^_^

  60. After a long time there is something beside the routine, very much intersting and combined with taste and masala 🙂 full time Karachi wala.

    waiting for this kind ! More .

  61. Well let me tell you a very simple truth and that is my observation as well. Punjabi girls will always prefer a guy from Punjab and if a Punjabi girl is beautiful enough then she will be married until 24 within the family or within the region where she lives. Then comes the second tier of girls and parents try to find some rishta outside of their region but within Punjab. And then comes the Third tier of Girls who were not able to find Rishtas within Punjab so they then go for Karachite or whatever.
    Also I have met many Karachites and I have found them pretty racist when it comes to Punjabi language. For them Punjabi should not exist in this world and sorry to say but Jinnah’s decision to make Urdu as the Official language of Pakistan and disregarding other languages have evolved a new word and that is Paindu and also in order to hide their Inferiority Complex they use such terms like ” Dhagga ” for Punjabi Boys and cheap sentences like ” Punjabi girl is good until she opens her mouth” and it is due to their fake condescending attitude and their inbuilt racism for the lack of Respect of Punjabi language and imposed love of Urdu imposed by Jinnah on Us.
    Kindly Bear in Mind that Urdu dont make you a Sensible person and there is nothing wrong in speaking Punjabi and shame on everyone who equate Punjabi language as Painduness or any Other generalization.
    All In All it is all about Inferiority Complex syndrome and then you generalize some Ethnicity because this is the only way to make your fake personality happy and nothing else.

    • PaKistan LOVER

      Hasan, your observation about Punjabi girls is spot on, because same goes for a Karachite girl as we Pakistanis have not yet opened up to accept other ethnicities fully. I belong to an Urdu Speaking family and have 3 of my brothers married into a Punjabi family, and i can proudly say that there is no problem what so ever Alhamdulillah. Coming back to your comment about being racist to Punjabis is utter rubbish if you start believing in “sunni sunai” batain than I too can start an argument that will not go much further. Don’t forget that Karachi has people living from all backgrounds and we respect every bits of diversity. AND what inferiority complex are you talking about? Calling names can be seen in every culture, which is surely bad but not one dimensional. If Punjabi is your mother tongue than be proud of it, don’t get irritated by what others have to say. Peace Brother!

    • very well said brother about Punjabi girls….but u r wrong about Jinnah….he is our quaid…. quaid-e-azam…. so pls don’t blame him…if Urdu speakings r doin something wrong that is not his fault…. is terah ke baton me met ghaseeto apnay leader ko….

      • PaKistan LOVER

        Absolutely right @mm, if we start to bring in our leaders when it comes to something that is happening in today’s day and age can be very misleading. If you see a karachite do something wrong, doesn’t mean everyone that lives there is bad, you need to start meeting the real people and not wannabees who are in MQM.

  62. Woah that is a LOT of comments! Great forum for discussion and nice articles!
    Anyway, i will try throwing my 2 cents in, if anyone will take them.
    I am from Karachi, purely urdu speaking, fathers side from Lucknow and mothers side from Sardargadh.

    I have a point which I do not think anyone else raised here. Karachi guys (mostly urdu speakers) are physically weak. There is no use beating around the bush, genetically we are just not gifted with the natural strength that other ethnicities in Pakistan are.

    Its not the lifestyle, i am very active in sports, I swim 2 km non-stop in 40 mins about 3 times a week, jog 6-7 km about twice a week and also go cycling/skiing etc when the opportunity arises. Plus 3 generations of my family have been in PAF so that way too, i have good genes. But i am still envious of the strength my non-urdu speaking friends have, even though they are just couch potatoes!

    So maybe marrying Karachi walas is not such a smart choice, genetically speaking! P
    It would be interesting to see what other people think about this since I did not have any such discussion before.

  63. This article is true as hell! I am a Punjabi girl from Karachi and can relate a lot to your findings. The best thing about Karachi guys, I’d say, is their good manners (the jee jee type), intellectuality and daringness. :P:P

  64. I’m a punjabi girl raised in Canada and I would never be with anyone other than a punjabi man.

  65. Seriously?Even if in fun and game,Is this how you would like to present your self in front of the world?khulla dulla?Doesn’t that mean loose of morals?My people you have a responsibility! Read the Quran,understand it then spread the word by practicing it,love you all.
    Hadith on selecting a spouse
    In case a Man Looking for a Woman:

    The Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, said, “A woman is normally sought as a wife for her wealth, her beauty, her nobility, or her deen (religiousness), so choose a religious woman and you will prosper.” (Muslim)

    In case a Woman’s Family Looking for a Man:
    The Prophet, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, said, “When someone with whose religion and character you are satisfied, asks to marry your daughter, agree to his request. If you do not do so, there will be corruption and great evil on earth.” (Tirmithi)

  66. A very interesting read!:) i enjoyed it.


  68. Reallyy funny and mostly true!!!! 😅😅

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