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Of Karachiite Guys & Punjoo Girls – Choicest Comments From My Awesome Readers

Harrippa 😉

WOW! Last few days have been so much fun because of the amazing feedback you all gave on my blog titled “Why do the Karachiite-type men fall for Punjabi girls”. I must say, though, that this blog was a “just for fun” thing based on genuine observation. It is not a hit on any province/culture/ethnicity. Variety makes life fun and beautiful, so embrace the difference.

I have enjoyed your comments as much as I have enjoyed the approximately 12,000 hits on this blog till now. Everyday I think of writing the sequel on popular demand – Why do Punjabi girls fall for Karachiite-type boys? But then I stop because I wanna write after some thought. Sequels are never easy. I want that to be an equally fun blog too.

Till then, lets take a look at some of my personal favourite comments from you all – from fb, twitter and Chaaidaani.

1. On no. 1, my personal favourite: “Honestly! This includes everything that I felt when I met my jori-dar, a ‘Punjoo Girl’. There are few things that come with the package that really hurt at times. But this was a very good read; explains it all. You just reminded me why I fell in love with that girl in the first place.
Got my love revived! Thanks a lot to you FarahNaz. You don’t know or may not imagine but this post of yours might help many couples to ease their tensions. I had a rough time yesterday and was in a bad mood. But this just made me call her and tell her how much and why I love her. I am also thankful to my friend who shared this on Facebook. May Allah bless you all! ;))”

2. “I am a Punjabi girl who just tied the knot with my urdu-speaking husband. The first punjoo girl entering his family! So everybody is in shock on his side. Wait till I spread my colours in that part of the family. They’ll be punjoo converts ;) InshaAllah.”

3. Urdu speaking wives/moms “Tehzeeb aur Tammad’dun ka Gehwara”, na khul ke hansna, na waazeh expressions dena, chand maah ke bachchay ko bhi “aap” keh kar mukhatib karna. Too much!. Loved the blog , very keen observation. Punjabi mutyaar = Never a Dull Moment. And I could’nt agree more with what the comment that “Opposites Attract”.

4. “O baji farah jee!!!! kuch punjabi mundyan wastay ve likho….. liked your blog, want to read something funny for the ‘Punjoooo Boys’ as well.”

5. “What can i say…tussi great ho!”

6. “This article was great, i loved it! only problem is that this is just going to increase the ego of my punjabi girl! we need a sequel to stand up for us karachiite men!!”

7.” Can’t disagree with u more ma’am, I have lived half of my life in Karachi & other half in Punjab including Lahore. To be honest, I have never met a single aunty around looking for a Karachiite to marry her daughter with. Quite contrarily, Punjabi women, as far as my passive observation (spanning over 13 years) is concerned, prefer Punjabi guys for their strong physique, casual & open extrovert personalities, and a lot more than just TAMEEZDARI. It wouldn’t be wrong to state that most Punjabi girls would prefer guys who are dominating in certain aspects, a FEATURE most Karachiite guys lack :-)

8. “Oooopsss! Story of my life. I am a Punjabi girl and I have had serious relationships with some Karachiites, to be precise Dehliwalas , Urdu speaking Khans and pakkay moulvis from Jamia Masjid type.”

9. “Punjoo aunties always say they are looking for urdu-speaking boys for their daughters because they’re tameezdar. as for Karachi kay larkay choosing punjoo girls, i think there’s just one major reason: gori skin.”

10. “As a urdu speaking dude who loves punjabi women, I agree with everything here 100%.”

11. “As a proud karachiite/urdu speaking guy, Punjabi girls have always been a MAJOR turn-off for me.”

12. “I fell for it and still loving it…every moment and every day. By the way will be waiting to read ‘Why Punjabi girls fall for Karachiite Guys’….”

13. “Dear Farah, You just made my day. I’m a “punjoo”girl and your piece of writing reminded me of who I am and why I am the way I am. Wonderful sense of observation and yes this piece is very precise and oh sooooo true, especially the part where you mention the punjoo girls’ love for food just like their male counterparts. It was sheer joy to read this hilarious piece and am waiting for my husband to be back from work so I can read it to him also. Great job… Keep it up Farah and from now on I’m following your blog religiously ;)

14. ” I love cultural fusion. Btw what inspired you to write this post?”

15. “Thanks for making us Punjabi girls look so desirable farahanz!! Was an awesome read! :-). Now im just gonna go and fix my Laacha….  :-p hehehe!”

16. “Very well written article.. keep it up, you’re doing a great job…..TUSSI CHAA GAE HOOO…KASMAY :p”

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  1. I have another pespective for you. I’m a pashto speaking pathan girl, madly in love with a “as typical as it gets” punjabi guy. We should be polar opposites but we are crazy about each other. He gets turned on because of the fact that I speak pushto amongst other things ;). I love him for his spontaneity, his colorful language, his larger than life personality and sense of humor.

  2. My mother-in-law is punjabi and father-in-law was urdu speaking. She has told me for years how refreshing and exciting he found her to be. As she proudly put it “He always told me, all the women in my family are so boring” and that they spent years on correcting her pronunciation of “Qainchi” instead of letting her say “kainchi” I think that is a sticking point in a lot of families. Thanks for bringing light to such wonderful, and amusing parts of our culture.

  3. Muhammad Imran

    Glad to see my comment included in your choicest ones. I appreciate your ability to handle criticism which certainly qualifies for being one of the key traits of a good artist.

  4. Most of the things or QUALITIES you mentioned are more of a Lahori girl. As for punjabi girls are concerned, girls belonging from Islamabad and other major cities are decent. Somewhat like Karachi girls themselves, but just a fairer complexion 😛
    and LESS CHALAAK 😀

  5. Hey Farah! Hope you are doing great. I was reading the “Why Do the “Karachiite-type” Men Fall For Punjabi Women?” blog again as I simply love it and saw this post.

    I am so glad that you loved my comment so much to rank it on top. =)))


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